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Revealing Post Traumatic Religious Disorder

A free course for women of African descent to teach them about religious oppression.  This course is designed to help you heal from religious enslavement and begin the healing process towards self-realization.


  • Reveal religious oppression
  • Give you an inner-standing about religious prejudice
  • Unveil religious enslavement
  • Assist you to begin the process of self-realization



Soul Food Remix Detox Specialist

This program is designed to give you the necessary training to help clients detoxify their body of food, environment, and product toxins.  Soul Food Remix Detox Specialist is a tool to add to your repertoire of healing skills if you are a massage therapist, spa personnel, exercise instructor, personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist or medical professional.  

Benefits of Being A Detox Specialist

You will be able to:

  • Establish a home or office based practice
  • Work with clients in their home
  • Set up a practice in your wellness center
  • Serve as a health coach on or off-line
  • Assist your clients in disease management and eliminaton 
  • Increase the health of yourself and your clients


After a $25 dollar registration fee, you may choose a payment option and receive your materials to get started today!

  1. Pay in full $495
  2. Two monthly installments of $247.50 

Emotional Freedom Healer

This program is designed to develop your skills, knowledge and tools to become an adept at healing many of the emotional issues which are plague our people throughout the diaspora.  Emotional issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Post Traumatic Spiritual Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, ADHD and a host of other emotionally and psycho-spiritual based diseases.  The course prepares you to conduct individual and group healing sessions to empower your clients for future stressors which may occur.  Included in the program, you will  learn how to conduct healing retreats, group and individual sessions.

Benefits of  Emotional Freedom Healing

  • You will have an arsenal of tools to empower your clients for continuous healing
  • You will be able to assist your clients spiritual growth and emotional clearing
  • Improve relationships
  • Create a business at home, on or off line, in a private office and make home visits
  • Assist your clients to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Lose Weight and Overcome Additions


After a  $25 application fee, you may choose a payment option and receive your materials to get started to day!

  1. Payment in full $644
  2. Make 2 monthly installments of $322
  3. Get started today for  only $322

Master Herbalist 

A professional program designed to assist aspiring wellnesspreneurs to become expert herbalist.  It is a practical course teaching you how to set up and establish your own herb pharmacy, or herbal first aid clinic.  It uses an African traditional healer approach as established by Nakato Lewis of Black Herbals, out of Uganda.  You will learn how to make your own plant based medicines, drug/herb interactions, and quality control.   

Benefits of Master Herbalist

  • Create a natural healing environment for ourself, family community and clients
  • Work with other (w)holistic health practitioners
  • Open your own herb/vitamin shop
  • Become a natural health spokesperson
  • Conduct herbal health and wellness workshops
  • Formulate and build your own herbal empire
  • Open your own herb pharmacy in your community or any place in the diaspora or world


After a $25 registration fee, you may choose a payment option, get started and receive your material today for $450.

  1. Pay in full $1,222
  2. Pay in 1/3 down of $450  and make 6 monthly installments of $128.66

Afrocentric (W)Holistic Practitioner

As an Afrocentric (W)Holistic health practitioners program gives you the necessary professionals skills to provide who provide holistic health-related services as counselors, doctors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, therapists or other healthcare professionals. Holistic health takes into consideration the whole person, including the spirit, mind and body when treating a health condition or promoting wellness.  In this program you will be equipped with several modalities of healing such as herbal, emotional, and nutritional healing techniques.  

Benefits of Afrocentric (W)Holistic Practitioner

  • Create your practice from your home, online, or private office space
  • Publish books, journals and articles on African healing remedies
  • Establish your own vitamin/nutritional shop or cafe
  • Conduct wellness conferences, workshops and trainings
  • Become a nutritional spokesperson
  • Establish a business any place in the world as a traditional or w(holistic) healer


After $25 registration fee, you may choose a payment plan and receive  your materials.  Get started today for $658

  1. Pay in full 1,974
  2. Pay 1/3 down $658 and make 6 monthly installments of $219

Soul Food Remix Consultant

The Soul Food Remix Consultant program prepares you with practical skills, recipes, to assist soul food enthusiast become healthier and stop the process of foodicide.  You learn how to become a soul food remix chef, understanding the true meaning of soul food.  The program teaches you to assist clients in  transforming their kitchens into the health center of the home, how to  shop with consciousness and coach them through food nutrition to optimal health.

Benefits of Soul Food Remix Consultant

  • Receive three certifications in one as a chef, nutritionist and health consultant
  • Establish a home, office or online health consultant practice
  • Open a healing cafe, restaurant
  • Work with clients in their home
  • Offer health consultancy services to businesses


After a $25 registration fee, choose a payment option.  Get started today for 247.50 and receive all your course materials.

  1. Pay in full $495
  2. Payment in  two  installments of $247.50
Colon hydrotherapy box

Colon Hydrotherapist Specialist

The therapeutic treatment known as colonic therapy, colonic irrigation, or colonic hydrotherapy has been practiced in some form for thousands of years to cleanse the colon prior to surgery.

This helps to remove toxins and waste products, and it may even improve overall immune wellness.  Our course includes anatomy, physiology, digestive health, sanitation, and business skills.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapist Specialist

  • Open a home business, work out of clients home or open a separate office
  • Conduct wellness conferences, workshops and trainings

  • Become a wellness spokesperson

Payment Options

After  $25 registration fee, you may choose your payment option.  Get started today for 247.50.

  1. Pay in full $495
  2. Pay in two installments $247.50
Urban Line Dance online courselogo - Copy

Urban Line Dance Fitness Instructor Level 1

Urban Line Dance (ULD) Fitness instructor level 1 incorporates all genres of music and dance styles of African Americans, using the electric slide as the foundation of fitness.  Old School R & B, New School, Soul, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Reggae and Reggae-ton is the music used to excite and bring a partly-like atmosphere using fitness to get your swag on.  You learn the latest line dances and shuffles to assist your clients to achieve better health through fitness.  Its line dance hyped and turned up making fitness fun!

Benefits of ULD Fitness

  • As a ULD Fitness instructor you will be able to assist your clients to achieve better health and wellness with exercise that is exciting and fun.  Students dance to better health and vitality forgetting they are working out while getting their groove on and getting ready for their  next night out on the town.
  • ULD Fitness is great for the body, spirit and mind, creating both sweat and swag.
  • ULD Fitness training prepares you to conduct fitness classes, family reunions, church and other community workout sessions.  
  • The course introduces a host of activities and curriculum to use with fitness and educational institutions


After $25 registration fees choose your plan, and get started today.

  1. Pay in full $265